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JB MPIANA and WENGE MUSICA Three-City Tour Canceled

Afrika Yetu regretfully announces, on the eve of a tour promoting the legendary band WENGE MUSICA led by Congolese Soukous singer JB MPIANA, a cancellation of all concert dates, due to incompetence and disorganization of Mpiana's management, despite all efforts to secure venues and contractual arrangements.

In depth, a deposit was required from us as the presenters to the band's tour manager, who disappeared after taking the money. This is unacceptable and shows a lack of management skills among its management team, and the contracts were not fulfilled. Upon arriving in Connecticut to pick up the band, it was apparent that its members were performing in the United States without proper work authorization, or had overstayed their 2 or 3 days transit visas, which is a risk Afrika Yetu cannot assume.

In recent months, we had a chance to receive such wonderful African artists as Vieux Farka Toure and Angelique Kidjo, who attracted a number of attendees to their respective shows. Unfortunately, when it comes to Congolese music, which is played and respected across all African borders, there seems to be chaos to bring this music to the United States. This is due mainly to a continuous lack of understanding of business management to successfully and globally present their art and culture, when cultural integration is strongly needed and appreciated.

Afrika Yetu would like to especially thank all the fans that have shown their support and interest and those who have bought tickets for all the shows presented. We ask that you contact all your different representatives to get a full refund of your ticket. Please accept our very sincere apologies as we are making sure that while we as a grass roots organization promote African musicians, we can no longer present those artists who possess no real desire to work seriously and honestly.

Elie Kihonia
President, Afrika Yetu, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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