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We are happy to present at last, the Africanite Foundation Press Release, that was envisaged for dissemination at the middle of September, 2008. As previously mentioned the computer was aggressively attacked and the data inside the computer were destroyed. Recently, we discovered that the title of the destroyed document was ingeniously trespassed and used at a Press Conference as the statement stated here: "Appealed to the international community to take collective action in tackling the challenges of fragile states". Still the original title remains the same and it is true, that foes may be quicker to thematise the topic at various conferences. But the Africanite Foundation Press Release is always there to highlights the significant events of our time, according to the Africanite Proclamation. Africanite Foundation Press Release titled: "Nigeria is a Failed State", was first circulated on December 17,  2008, 18:08. The highly explosive situation now in the Niger_Delta has prompted us again to disseminate this information as to remind the people of the south that their inability to wake-up and face the problems on the ground properly is complicating the future of the entire region.








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October 1st, 2008, Nigeria marked another year of shame and ignominy that revealed its fruitless path decades ago, which by definition was very unnecessary for a diverse country like Nigeria. Nigerians both at home and abroad particularly, Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri who carries Nigerian passport since 32-years, feels the pang of pains comes October 1st. The creation of Nigeria as a state was ill-fated because it lacks from the beginning the viability to define its aims and objectives and any nation without aims and objectives, it leaves on borrow times. Besides, the visible differences that existed between the northern and southern parts of the country, Nigeria still had a tremedous opportunity to forge ahead as a nation but, today it is clear, that the cause of destiny was too strong for Hausa/Fulanis of which historical backgrounds were mainly centred wrestling for themselves absolute political power in Nigeria. Without restrain the world needs to admit that Nigeria is a failed state and subsequently the question is what makes a nation a failed state? First and foremost, where there is abscent of an effective central authority, and this has never been lacking in Nigeria. Second, the use of force to stay in power against the will of other entities/groups is also inherent in itself of a sudden violet revolt, when such a government is unable to meet the demands of a functionable government that cares for its citizens and have certain confidence in the government. Third, the citizens need above all, protection and Nigerians have never enjoyed security and progress, and instead they have experienced untold hardship, harassments and intimidation for decades by the successive illegal governments. Under these circumstances, particularly the people of Niger-Delta and South East have rights to oppose such a government using force to stay in power and monopolising their Natural resources as in Nigeria. To be precise, about the phobia of such a government, it was reported recently, that the "Armed Forces move to check criminality on the seas", that "Nigerians have seen or heard of cases where several containers imported into the country through our ports, after the containers have been inspected both at the port of shipment abroad and that of discharge in the country and cleared for carrying manufacturing, medical or scientific equipment, or even vehicles, only for such containers to be intercepted outside the ports afterwards and found to be loaded with arms and ammunition capable of kitting an army". This is the kind of a government that uses force to stay in power and everytime its afraid of internal revolt against the central government, that maintain its political power by force. There are reasons to be fearful about Nigeria, because it has so many possible fronts for serious confrontations, among these fronts are the Niger-Delta struggle for freedom and to control their Natural resources and the hangover of South East struggle which is still very latent. Though the Hausa/Fulani had made serious attempts to corrupt and silence those 2% of its elites against the majority desire for separation. Indeed, a functionable government that cares for the need of its people is not a government that promises that are not verifable and hopes that were never realised even when heavy sum of money has been bugeted that went under the drain for decades and without the rulers having remorse about its criminal behaviors. Nigeria media has always be dominated by these statements for several decades that: "Nigeria proposes $777 millions for poverty alleviation in its budget", or Nigeria Needs $510bn to Develop Transport Sector etc. Indeed, Nigeria is a country where government frequently announces programmes aimed at deceiving the masses and there are many of such programmes in the last decades, for example, General Yakubu Gowon started with this frenzy propapaganda when he launched "The Green Revolution in the 60`s, and later Operation Feed the Nation and so on. Since 2007 Obasanjo government came up with another slogan "Nigeria to become by 2020 the 20th economies in the world"! A responsible government does not announce that its to become a responsible nation, rather it demonstrate it aims by deeds. After Nigerian government has realised that it has failed it begins to run aimlessly and then comes up at random with such slogans. Its annoying to hear the word by 2020 to become 20th economies in the world! A nation that has no infrastructure, lacks all basic amenities in the world such as health, water, electricity and even small simple local productive factories and whereas Nigerian government is aware that its only specialisation are corruptions and by sharing power among its own cliques. Nigeria successive wicked and illegal governments have always proposed and allocated hundreds of billions of dollar for poverty alleviations and infrastructures in their budgets, but sooner as the money were budgeted than the money vanished and what remains everywhere is the poverty and zero amenities. Let us reflect for a moment, that Nigeria started in earnest with oil exploration and exploitation since the late 60`s, but there is no single progress garned from the huge revenue accrued from the productions of sweet crude oil by the people. Furthermore, it is interesting to view one of the major causes of a failed state; it is most certain that former colonial nations are often proned to become a failed state, because of their fragile colonial system that was never gotten ride off. The other adversary that argued strongly against such countries is when colonial sentiments and infleunce still strongly persist in such a country. The colonial structure persisted in Nigeria to the advantages of Hausa/Fulani, who used this pattern to tie the south down by its political methods of using obedient southerners to maitain its absolute power to the detriment of progress. Among thousands of examples, why Nigeria is today a failed state, uptill now Nigeria successive regimes have never conducted one authentic or credible census as all the figures they had presented were either fictitious and controvesial or blatanly ignored the desire of other groups in the country for a real census to take place. It has become a tale how Hausa/Fulani obstructed all possibilities to conduct authentic census in Nigeria. Since the 60`s there are scores of stories how northerners enumerated carmen, donkeys and other herds as human beings in the name of census. The reasons Hausa/Fulani persisted to conduct census in this way was to secure for themselves heavy federal allocations and it also resulted to real economic allocations bargain for the north against the south. As ususal the south easily succumed to the north because Hausa/Fulani control the central government of the country. It was General Ibrahim Babangida who even went further and partititioned southern states at random in order to weaken the southern people political and economic positions against the Hausa/Fulani political domination and on the other hand it has caused disunity among southern people.  These stories are unpalatable for young people growing up to be a part of a political system as practised in census enumeration in Nigeria since the 60`s. Any Nigerian who is above fifty years of age, will know that Nigeria has emassed incredible population for several decades. Just visit the cities and towns around Nigeria and see the mess everywhere because of over-population of a nation without aim and objectives. Since the 60`s Nigeria relies on approximation of its census figures for example, recently it was stated that Nigeria has about 130 million people. Ironically, accurate census figures is the parameter of development goals. Nigerians have to accept officially, that the country is a failed state. It is advisable, that the illegale president needs urgent solution to counter the scenario of a failed state, rather than to continue to deceive millions of Nigerians who are already confronted with the consequences of a failed nation everywhere they turn their faces to.


Asomwonriri remembers, during the early stage of his struggle to break out of European and Austrian governments secrete brutal religious repression against him and Africanite Foundation in Europe, when he occupied the Thai embassy in Vienna in 1996, how the military attache strongly rebuked him and said: "He should go and occupy Nigeria embassy". Further, the military attache pointedly said that: "Was Nigeria not the hope of the Third World Countries in the 60`s?" Asomwonriri felt strongly the negative impact of the gentleman interesting statement and he ruefully sighed as he could not reply the gentleman at such a moment in Africanite struggle, that he was here for neither political nor economic reasons, rather to seek assistance for Africanite spiritual age. The laconic statement implied in essence that Nigeria is a failed state. The conclusion today, that Nigeria is failed state is rather belated, as Asomwonriri chewed within himself at that critical moment when he occupied the Thai Embassy this notion in 1996. It is now necessary that Nigerians understand that the country is a failed state. It does not necessarily means that instabile and war ravaged nations are only atuned by definition to be a failed state. Again, it is particularly disturbing that countries that have been under colonial rule and influence are often proned to become a failed state as nation that has never experienced colonial domination, exploitations and persisten influence. Even worse, is a nation like Nigeria that over 48-years, there is nothing that function and rather everything in the country are at a standstill. Yet, the naive politicians in Nigeria are still obsessed with colonial orienatations and have less belief on their own freedom. What maybe attributed to the cliques that rule Nigeria are their specialisation on astronomic corruption that is blended with foreign religious sermons at public places and pomps that are characteristics of Nigerian ruling elites.   



The main thrust of the Africanite Proclamation is the restoration of the rich African cultural heritage within the threshold of Natural Essence and as a preservator of Nature`s Entire Endownment. This is the reason Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri is calling on mankind to return to Natural Phenomenal Order. The Africanite Proclamation has revealed in a breath-taking manner the hostilities of nations in the rarest of hours. Certainly, the worsening of economic situation worldwide will hit African nations harder than any other region of the world and the first victim will be Nigeria, the most disgustful and deceptive country in the world who have lost so many golden opportunities. Africanite concern that the future and security of mankind lies in our response to the questions of economic development together with Environmental protections, which is indispensable to economic justification that allows every man on Earth to care equally for the Environment. This convention induced Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri and embarked on his Africanite Foundation Appeal Mission to Nigeria in 2006/2007, for the sake of justice for all. But the insatiable urge of the northerners to continue their strong hold on the Niger-Delta oil wealth and the greed of General Obasanjo regime to remain untouchable for his immense corruptions hastened the return of power, to where its belong and Asomwonriri efforts were ignored. It is interesting the facade statements made by the illegal president Umaru Musa Yar'Adua Yar'Adua, before the deceptive election in April 2007 that: "He would declare a state of Emergency in the Niger_delta area. As soon as power was restored to the north the illegal president appointed his brother as Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Managing Director and who since conducts his function in sly, because it will be obvious that the illegal president did not declare a state of Emergency, rather he is implementing Hausa/Fulani agenda against the south. The Niger-Delta crisis is gathering momentum since the illegal-President Umaru Yar'Adua from the North was illegally imposed on the South. Truly, the consequences shall lead to untie the Unnatural strings that have for long forcefully binded the country together like a new kind of torrential storms that shall engulf the cosmetic country called Nigeria. What are the Unnatural strings binding Nigeria together for too long? The southerners have the weakness of not been able to collectively present their own identity as the true representative on the continent of Africa. Nigeria is also a country where people have great admirations for passivitity of life, rather as to regard life as a challenge and duty. If the world economic woes intensified African nations will be heated harder than any other region in the world and Nigeria will suffer most in such a scenario because it has a huge unaccounted for population since 48 years of its empty history as place where nothing has ever work to be reported as a success story, besides Hausa/Fulani (military) rule and foreign oil firms scramble for Niger-Delta oil wealth.


Nigerians are demoralised reference refered mainly to the people of southern part of Nigeria, because Hausa/Fulani people did not suffer any kind of repression or marginalisation in Nigeria, rather they have always been arrogant whenever they are talking or dealing with southerners as the central government has always openly humuilaited the southerners. Remember, how Ken Saro Wiwa was disgracefully executed as a chicken by the Military dictator late General Sanni Abacha or how General Ibrahim Babangida simply annolued the June election in 1993. Nigerians are tagged around the world as criminals and untrustworthy people, but when Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri grew up as a child most people in the south were obedient and respectful to their parents and elders. But when the Hausa/Fulani political domination in the country took a deeper root into the fibres of Nigeria political, economic and social life and gradually the south became alienated from their roots as the north looked down on the south as second class citizens and these behaviors hurt many elderly people in the south and had a great bearings on the young people of the south. Particularly, as the economic problems intensified southern part of Nigeria experienced a period of mass exodus and thousands of young people fled the country. Subsequently, many young Nigerians developed the propensity towards one word "crime". Admittedly, southern Nigerians were unable to articulate collectively further their grievances against the north that have ruined their destiny. Remember, this trend began grievously after the civil war against the people of South-East. There is a need to reflect soberly on how the late Chief of Army Staff, General Usmal Katsina of Katsina in the 60`s scorned the southerners, particularly after the Igbos were defeated by Nigerian forces in the civil war. A country with such political circumstances must be fearful about the consequences of tomorrow. Since, then the Hausa/Fulani have ingeniously picked the dubious character General Olusegun Obasanjo as a guarantor to their power preservation in Nigeria and indeed General Olusegun Obasanjo is but a limb of the north.The Hausa/Fulani demoralised gravely the people of southern Nigeria, whether it was about key position appointments in Nigeria it was always the Hausa/Fulanis who decided who will be apointed or not. Whether it concerns federal allocations to states it was Hausa/Fulani who decided for decades. The south has never had any chance for 48-years to chose their different form of developmental goals and aspirations, rather the people of southern part of Nigeria were made to live under Hausa/Fulanis military coercion for decades. Indeed, the Hausa/Fulanis political elites are queer people, wicked and full of vengence in their obsession to dominate the country called Nigeria. It is interesting to observer recently how the illegal President Musa Yar'Adua shrudly included the name of former Director-General of NAFDAC, as to shade the nomination of Dr. Rilwanu Lukman as Minister of Petroleum. Is the EFCC chairman, more competent and pragmatic as the Director-General of NAFDAC? Let the media check all the key appointments throughout the federation and find out how many Ambassdorial posts are occupied by Hausa/Fulani. Till today, all Nigerian delegates to the UNO as representatives are Hausa/Fulani and names like Maitama Sule and Joe Garba say something to many Nigerians. Even recently, Nigerian Ambassador to South Africa is an Hausa/Fulani and many other key posts and despite that General Obasanjo eight years of misrule that ushered the present illegal president from the north into power, they were still able to maintain their domination against the south. There is no nation on Earth, who is so specialised on self delusion as a result of greed as Nigerian government; that for 37 years the Hausa/Fulani arrogated the whole power to themselves and used their clout to ruin the destiny of the south. Furthermore, see how the illegal President Yar'Adua gradually intensified Hausa/Fulani grip on the Niger-Delta oil wealth directly on the ground. Yar'Adua started with the appointment of his brother as NNPC Managing Director and dispatched the Joint Task Force, with its Commander Lt. Colonel Sagir Musa and now whether it is on creeks the Hausa/Fulani are there with their Joint Force Task in the name of One Nigeria. Sadly, the southerners enemies have become the governors and quasi all the politicians who see the state as the last means to enrich themselvews and they are prepared to make any deal with the north to detriment of progress in the south. Mr. Lucky Igbinedion is a very good example of how an individual can go to any lenght to grab power in order to enrich himself and family on the expense of the state. Even northern rulers have become fond of deriding the south, when they addressed journalists noted that: "the group was pleased with the efforts of the Federal Government in addressing the problems of the Niger Delta region but cautioned that the report just presented by the committee contains some fundamental issues that needed to be treated with caution". This tones has shown that the south needs to increase the pace for freedom against Hausa/Fulani enslavement in Nigeria. Indeed, there are countless of illegal presidents, dictators and corrupt leaders chased away from power by the power of the peoples but in Nigeria only a whisper people are already taken shelter. It explained why the illegal president Umaru Yar'Adua was provocatively imposed on the South-South and South East as the northerners were confident to rule Nigeria by mesmerizing the people like General Olusegun Obasanjo did for 8 years. Only THE GODS know how Nigeria would have looked like today without Niger-Delta enormous oil resources and still the Hausa/Fulani caused Nigerians to become one of the strangest people on Earth. Nigerians need to be ashamed of themselves to belief that they exist. There are reasons to watch the dark clouds hanging over Nigeria, as there are many challenges that threatened Nigeria existence. At this junction, let us remind, the audience about what Africanite age is all about, it is the essence of justice, that in every facets of evils and deprivations of others rights and property that those involve shall not escape the radiance of the Natural Order light.


There is hardly any southerner who is proud to be a Nigerian and many even do not want to be associated as part of that country, as consequences of injustice meted on them are the causes why many geo-ploitical regions are openly seeking new identity away from Nigeria. Then it is understandable, the consistent calls for the creation of more states in Nigeria which has intensified that even the groups that have long profited by false declaration of census figures are now greatly worried as indicated by the recent reports. The Emir of  Kano, Ado Bayero has cautioned the National Assembly against politicising the review of the 1999 Constitution or creating additional states and local governments without rational justification. Receiving Senators at the end of the fourth Senate retreat in his palace at the weekend the traditional ruler charged the lawmakers to exercise wisdom in considering the several requests for additional states and local governments in the country. Noting that the creation of more states had in the past widened the division among the citizenry, he said. The other truth is that geo-political areas that have long been united as one entity are weakened as they have become fractioned and while federal system increased its power. Certainly the Emire of Kano has ignored the injustice created by false census figures by given heavy federal allocations to the north against the southern part of Nigeria interests. Nigeria is a place where everything is at a standstill for decades, but the corrupt military dictators and politicians have kept the fragile nation by duress together because of their individual selfish ends. Indeed, Nigeria is the most backward country in the world and completely bereft of the wisdom to understand that it is time to stop tormenting the helpless people of that country and accept peacefully the separation of the country, because there will be no amount of duress and exploitation of the Niger-Delta Natural wealth by the illegal government that can savage Nigeria. There are other arguments against the assertion made by the most respected Emire of Kano, that for long the traditional ruler did not see anything improper that "Kano has 43 Local Government areas and each, Local Government pays the Emire of Kano two million naira every month. The Emire of Kano earns about 86 million naira a month. That money comes from the oil rich Niger-Delta and there is no South-South and South East traditional rulers earns even 30 million naira a month. The truth about the whole development is that many people in the south are unhappy about how the north have been marginalising against them. This is the issue at stake and the southerners know that the Emire of Kano and others in the north will be worried with the creation of more states, for example within formerly one state and at a time when resources are becoming scarce. Admittedly, the northern region aware that the concentration on developmental issues with the creation of more states would better serve the people than one state receiving the allocation of several states

Furthdermore, the Kano State Governor warns that the future of the Northern part of Nigeria will be in serious jeopardy unless the current helpless dependence on federal allocation by states in the region is urgently reversed". Since the last 48 years the north has always pragmatically exhibited its resolve to rule from the north to the Atlantic Ocean without hindrance by the people of the southern part of Nigeria and thereby demoralised the people of south. When the Hausa/Fulanis conquered the southern part of Nigeria under "One Nigeria flag", they enslaved and took control of the southern people wealth. The north has never depended on federal allocation and it was the south who depended on the federal allocations as evidence in the occuring debate on derivations principles in the country. The reality is that the federation account is almost exhausted because of the northern states lion shares from the oil wealth is the cause about all these concern by the north.



Nigeria is a place where everything imaginable progressive in human life are all at a standstill for decades. But the corrupt military dictators and politicians have kept the fragile nation by duress together, because of their individual selfish ends.The time is fast at hand when the Federal Ghettos Republic of Nigeria shall not be based on the recognition of the constitution of Nigeria, rather it shall be based on the successive military government failure to honour their contributions to nation building. The Federal Ghettos Republic of Nigeria are already everywhere in Nigeria and they are visible in towns, cities and villages and there exist the Federal Ghettos Republic of Nigeria. Inside, these newly Independent Federal Ghettos Republic of Nigeria, there are no police stations, army, water system, health amenities, electricity, except here and there you will find generators operating at intervals. A place of hell where people live without central government and state government apparatus and and all the promises conceivable by criminals. Such will be the awards for the dwellers of the Federal Ghettos Repblic of Nigeria and the award shall be presented by General Ibrahim Babangida, General Sanni Abacha ghost, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, General Olusegun Obasanjo, Vice-President Abubakar Atiku and the illegal President Alhaji Musa Yar`Adua and ex-Governors as their contributions to the unity and development of Nigeria. With hard times plaguing Nigeria with intensity the people will wake-up and begin to ask the kind of questions they have never asked before. This time it will not be related about Nigerians been prevented from their most entertainment lovers or the happiest people in the world; for example, in Lagos from enjoying themselves particularly during religious celebrations. It is like the analogy of the messages delivered always by the German religious preacher based in South Africa, who started coming to Nigeria in the 70`s and everytime he repeats his message that, "He sees a vision that Nigeria will be a great nation one day". No, it is not this time; rather this shall be the beginning Nigerians will take up a mirrow to look at themselves as a nation, leadership, source of wealth and ownership and wealth distributions in Nigeria etc.

According to N-Delta leaders who passed no confidence vote on the illegal President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua Yar'Adua that: "it is ridiculous that the Federal Government had "refused to act" after setting up a technical committee to study the past records on how to solve the problems of the region but had now came up with their own recommendations". The people of the Niger-Delta are either insincere to themselves or they do not understand the seriousiness of the problems confronting the area on one hand and on the other is the reality that the Federal Ghettos Republic of Nigeria is heading towards fatal collision and disintegration and as the Federal Government can no longer sustain the huge size of northern states without its own recommendations. The Niger-Delta needs to submit its own recommendations and serve the illegal president ultimatum as the surest remedy out of the vicious circles confronting the area. It is time for southerners to ask themselves why is Alahji Rilwanu Lukman indispensable for Nigeria after all these years? What are the aims of Hausa/Fulanis at this junction in Nigeria`s delicate history? The ominous sign for Nigeria is that the inevitable scenario of a failed state shall be characterised by two factors. One, it is the ethnic separation accelerated by economic hardship among the various groups and two the Southern States must accept the formation of Ghettos Republics of Nigeria within Nigeria, visible in the villages, towns and cities where the hell is at home. Certainly, the worsening of economic situation worldwide will hit African nations harder than any other region of the world and the first victim will be Nigeria, the most disgustful and deceptive country in the world who have lost so many golden advantages. Nigeria is a place where everything is at a standstill for decades. But the corrupt military dictators and politicians have kept this fragile nations together because of their individual selfish ends. Even southern states politicians are even blind about the grave marginalisation of the south, for example, the "Kano State has 43 Local Government areas and each, Local Government pays the Emir of Kano two million naira every month, free.The Emir of Kano earns about 86 million naira a month.That money comes from the oil revenue of the Niger Delta.'' But southern traditional rulers do not even earn .400million a month and they are not even regarded as worth something. Nigeria is a country where basic amenities like electricity, water supply, road construction network and waterways and health sectors are non-existence. The Bridges built in the 60`s and 70`s are collapsing and many of such projects were constructed by foreign contractors. Take for instance, despite the economic chaos in Zimbabwe the old trail system though dilipidated still function and there is no train transportation to link the various parts of Nigeria and the roads are like caves. There is virtually no institution in Nigeria to be taken serious, as it is a country where the only lucrative business is politics and it has become the domain of a class of gansters. For example, there is a fancy word in Benin City or in many southern parts of the country called "parliament spot" or beer parlour where members come together to drink beer is more productive and meaningful as Nigerian House of Assembly (NASS) at Abuja. Beer parlour is a place where members go to drink beer and chat over their daily occupation and experiences. Nigerian House of Assembly members duty cannot be define by its name, because there is nothing concrete the members of NASS do there, as they are there in a flamboyant style only to seek bribe by foul means. That explains that there is no need for expectations, besides if you have a bag of money you can visit them any time or meet their secretaries for further information. Nigerians major problem is that they lack information as majority of the people are completely uninformed about events around the world. This is a serious handicap that Nigerians lack behind concerning measures necessary to find drastic answers to their melancholic life. To emphasize how serious this lack of information have worsen Nigerians plights for decades, any one who takes a walk around the Government Reservation Area (GRA), the first attraction is the big satellite installations everywhere that could be assumed for Television Station. Whereas such areas are politicians residential houses. Though there are Television and radio stations in Nigeria but you cannot even see the screen because the television and radio stations cannot afford the necessary equipments. Many Nigerians who can afford to own second hand television set watch video films and virtually in every towns and cities people experience electricity outage for months and instead the people live in darkness as a normal way of life. The only possiblilty to have electricity is to own a generator and the majority of the people cannot even afford to feed properly a day nor to procure a generator.

If you keep forging peace for so long and still there is no peace to the mind and hearts and then you are certainly deceiving yourself, because people who had for over 50-years sought progress and peace and there is non forthcoming is simply like brewing angers that will sooner or later flay up. Truly, time will come when one begins to feel the impact of a monotonous expectations and to worsen issues, people see that these few groups who called themselves politicians are simply bunch of despotes, criminals and shamelessly monsters in the name of politicians who gathered at Abuja under Hausa/Fulani hegemonic rule over Nigeria. It is like a parable in Benin langauge: "Instead of calling somebody who cannot answer you, it is better to call someone who is not around". Indeed after long unfulfilled expectations, one will end up enraged, as a frustrated folks who have all their lives expected progress from bunch of criminals to see everyday with their naked eyes that they are been deceived. This is the reality about Nigeria today and the concern of a possible reactionary folks is at the corner. To be concise, about this thematic, it would had been better Nigeria did not exist at all, as nation as it now begins to leave behind huge debris of a failed nation. Painfully, all these debris are seen in human faces, sorrows and hardship of all kinds. It is a pity that the strong central government of Nigeria at Abuja forcefully confiscated the enormous Niger-Delta oil wealth over five decades. Still the Federal Government of Nigeria could not attain the status of a responsible nation. Truly, what is coming to the surface in Nigeria is that the Hausa/Fulanis long disastrous political domination is getting nigh.  If by tomorrow the people of the Niger-Delta, South-South, South East and South West decided firmly to leave the state of Nigeria, that is the end of the story. Instantly the oil firms will realise that they have no bunsiness anymore with the illegal president at Abuja, rather need to seek a New Memoradum of Understanding (MOU) with the people of Niger-Delta, which uptill now carried out their oil exploration and exploitation against the south interest, due to Nigerian government duplicity. It is impossible for anyone to relate the consequences of what is to come in the Niger-Delta in any sense whatsoever to the tragic endless sufferings of the Congolese people. The story shall be a unique moment in the history of mankind how justice shall replace injustice.


Are the Hausa/Fulani proceeding on an agenda of northernisation of the energy sector under the guise of the Joint Task Force? Why was Alhaji Abubakar Lawal Yar'Adua appointed acting Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Aliyu Sabonbiri, acting Director of the Directorate of Petroleum Resources, Professor Sambo, Director of the Energy Commission of Nigeria, Mustapha Rabe Darma, Executive Secretary of the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), and Engineer Bello Suleiman, Chairman of the Transition Board of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN). Was this Alhaji Rilanu Lukman appointed as Petroleum Minister? The only way out of this deadlock is for the people of Niger-Delta to confront their governors and inform them that the time has come for separation away from the Federal Ghettos Republics of Nigeria and either the governors are with the people of Niger-Delta or they are for Hausa/Fulani agenda. The Governors cannot say they are blind to all these provocative developments taking place in their domain. Africanite observer is often infuriated to hear the statements accredited to Spokesman of the JTF, Lt. Colonel Sagir Musa, is an Hausa/Fulani : The report that the Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta arrests oil thieves and militants is evidence of lack of ethics in Nigeria media. Is it not time to question the behaviors of the illegal president for sending Hausa/Fulanis as to intensified their strategy of exploiting and repressing the Freedom Fighters of the Niger-Delta people, after the Hausa/Fulanis decades of mismanagement and corruption ruined Nigeria. Operation It is remarkable that it was the illegal president who sent the Joint Task Force to the Niger_Delta that has noe unmasked Hausa/Fulanis strategy to crush completely the Niger-Delta legitimate Resistance Groups against foreign intruders into the region under the slogan of "One Nigeria Flag". The north are always fond of repeating the same mistake everytime they are under anxiety to eliminate any southern groups demanding justice from "One Nigerian government". The Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta, Operation Restore Hope, said. "it had arrested criminal gangs who engaged in oil theft and militancy in Bayelsa State". Further, that: "The Coordinator of the JTF Media Campaign Centre, Lt Col. Rabe Abubakar, said the first 18-man gang was arrested at the multi-billion naira Gbaratoru Natural liquefied gas location in Yenagoa". The question is what is Lt Col. Rabe Abubakar looking for in the Niger-Delta creeks? Niger-Delta territory is not northern state backyard where he should be hunting for gold. Who are the real thieves stealen other peoples property under the banner of One Nigeria? Whereas, the real oil thieves, miltants and criminal gangs are General Ibrahim Babangida, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, General Olusegun Obasanjo, illegal President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, Abubakar Atiku, Dr. Rilwanu Lukman and their military apparatus in Nigeria causing confusion in the area. Africanite will take a proper look at Hausa/Fulani intentions for moving their military installations and forces to the Niger_Delta region.


The Africanite as a religion and Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri have suffered brutal religious persecution by European governments and particularly from Austrian government for decades. Since 1995, Austrian authorities attempted to force Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri to abandon his Africanite religion. Since it is incomprehensible all what Asomwonriri has encountered from European governments caused by his Africanite religion. Under this circumstances, Asomwonriri undertook under the aegis of Africanite Foundation courtesy calls to Foreign Mission offices and International Organisations representatives and in this capacity he met also with Alahji-Dr. Rilwan Lukman as OPEC Secretary General in 1996. The OPEC Secreatary General instructed his secetary to arrange a meeting with Nature Servant phillip Eguaseki and against the following week. By this time the international community were informed about the secrete religious persecution Asomwonriri suffers in Austria. Surprisingly, on the same day he was received by OPEC Sectary General half an hour later Dr. Lukman was informed that the Viennese Major has arrived and Asomownriri felt uncomfortable as he was struggling against the Viennse Authority in Austria. Moreover, Rilwanu Lukman has lots of connection in Austria and despite this reality, Asomwonriri will never allow Alahji Dr. Lukman to head the Ministry of Petroleum in Nigeria. During that meeting in 1996 Asomwonriri stated clearly to the former OPEC Secetary General that "Africanite foremost tenet is against injustice" and showed him his feelings about how Hausa/Fulani are marginalizing the south in his OPEC office in Vienna in 1996 and Asomwonriri will intensify his battle for justice against the Hausa/Fulani in Nigeria. Moreoever, it is known already around the world Austrian government crime against humanity in the manner it persecuted Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri in Austria, as the west spread their clout even to Nigeria. The German President official visit to Nigeria in 2008, shown total disregard to the wishes of many Nigerian who seriously opposed the sham election that brought the illegal President Yar`Adua to power in 2007. Asomwonriri has also long been suspicious of the German government complicity role in the manner Austrian authorities persecuted him because of his Africanite religion in Europe.

  The reasons Asomwonriri is alerting the public about the negative experiences he encountered from European Governments since 1995 is that he is now ready to oppose vehemently the Hausa/Fulanis political domination and looting of Southern Nigeria Natural resources and there are possibilities that the north may seek European governments help to harm him.

It is time for everyone to respect, The Natural Order worldwide!

Sincerely yours,


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