Ndongala Mayunga: A Congolese-American Hip Hop Genius

USA, 2/11/2010

Born in Belgium, Brussels this 80's baby was Queen City breeded at a time where America hit a whole new different stage when crack cocaine took the streets, and Hip Hop music was born. With his parents being from the heart of Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo formely known as Zaire, this young dude was bound to be special. His parents left their homeland due to political reasons, moved to Belgium where DONGALA was born.

Then in 1984 the family hit the states, and landed in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hip Hop was also a baby at that time, and young DONGALA made it his bestfriend the first day he got introduced to it one day playing outside. When he caught some teenagers breakin' on flat cardboard boxes with a killah boom box on the side. With VHS recordings of Krush Groove, Breakin', Beat Street, and Last Dragon at house, this kid couldn't help but get caught up in the mix. Even though drug dealers, junkies, and gunfire every other day was his environment. Hip hop cleared all that away.

But it wasn't until he was teen when he realized that he wanted to be a part of hip hop. Sitting back one afternoon and caught "Can It Be So Simple" from the Wu-Tang Clan on Rap City. He realized Hip Hop was not just music, but it was his lifestyle. Working with different people he open up for acts like Nelly, Mr. Cheeks, Ludacris, Dem Franchise Boyz, and Trillville. But it wasn't enough, and the people who he was working with just didn't work hard enough to get things popping. Now more older and wiser DONGALA has put things in his own hand by being the CEO and the first artist from his new independent label MASTERFUL MUSIC GROUP LLC.

With his raspy down south up top flow he brings something different to table whether you getting crunk or just bobbing your head back or forth to the beat. With the soundtrack of his life and his upbringing in the Queen City, and his Congolese background being the source of his music. Right now he has already dropped his 1st Mixtape Better Iz Da Enemy Of Good Vol. 1, and has Mind Over Matter/ Better Iz Da Enemy Of Good Vol. 2 with DJ Ceasefire dropping Mid-Winter. Download for free Better Iz Da Enemy Of Good Vol. 1 @ www.datpiff.com/DONGALA_Better_Iz_Da_Enemy_Of_Good_Vol_1.m91177.html .

Listeners' ears better be prepared to take the heat.

For more information, click on these links.

www.twitter.com/dongala_sab www.datpiff.com/profile/dongala

E-mail: dongalamusic@gmail.com


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