Responding to Dr. Jendayi E. Frazer

Consolidating democratic gains in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Dr. Jendayi E. Frazer
Assistant Secretary
Bureau of African Affairs
Department of State
United States

Dear Dr. Frazer:

I am profoundly distraught to read the following statement published on the State Department website: " Dr. Frazer believes that we are living in an historic window of opportunity. For example, in the last five years, we have seen belligerence yield to negotiation in six contentious settings: Angola, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the North-South element of the Sudan crisis. Formerly divided by conflict, Burundi now has an elected government up and running. The Democratic Republic of Congo has similarly moved beyond transition to successfully hold its first national election in more than 40 years. This is an historical shift."

As is evidenced by different policies, there has not been bold actions taken by the Bush administration  to consolidate democratic gains in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Bush administration has given Rwanda leeway to undermine democratic gains in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda has invaded the Congo three times (1996, 1998, 2008). Not once has there been any kind of condemnation by the United States. Yet, When Iraq invaded Kuwait, the United States boldly condemned that act and took measures to remove Iraqi troops from Kuwait. Recently, when Russia invaded Georgia, the United States sent an unequivocal message of disapproval to Russia. But when it comes to DRC, nothing of such is done. Ugandan and Rwandan troops were even allowed to settle score in the Congolese city of Kisangani. Why the double standard?

As a matter of fact, since the publication of the United Nations recent report on Rwanda's involvement in the war in DRC (contradicting your statements on lack of evidence about Rwanda's support of rebels in DRC), your office has not issued one single statement about the official position of the United States. The UN report clearly shows that Rwanda is involved in the war in DRC for illegal exploitation of Congolese minerals. The so-called presence of Interhamwe is not driving Rwanda's support of its own former army officer, Laurent Nkunda. When was the last time FDLR troops attacked Rwanda from DRC soil that should justify the massacre of the Kivu populations and perpetual presence of Rwandan troops in DRC territory? If the Congolese government is supporting the FDLR rebels, then that support is technically meaningless at best.

As a Congolese-American, it hurts me to know that the United States has two outstanding African-american women (Condoleezza Rice and Jendayi Frazer) holding two key positions in the Bush administration but who choose to ignore sexual atrocities committed against the women of Congo as if Congolese women were any less human. Madam Secretary of State has been unable to set foot in the country where those atrocities are taking place. She chose to stop by Kenya and Rwanda! What a shame!

As you said it yourself: "The Democratic Republic of Congo has similarly moved beyond transition to successfully hold its first national election in more than 40 years. This is an historical shift.". Instead of supporting this historical opportunity for the democratic process to take root in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Bush administration through your leadership has resolved to undermine this democratization process by supporting Rwanda's frequent invasions of Congo. How can the United States stand by and allow Paul Kagame and Laurent Nkunda to literally destabilize the Democratic Republic of Congo at will?

I now understand why you declined the interview with Congo Vision. It would have been hard to answer our questions with a straight face without discrediting yourself. I wonder if you will ever take a stance against sexual violence against women after you leave office.

On behalf of the people of the Congo, I would like to share the disappointment of a people whose genocide has been allowed to take place by the office that you are currently holding. Six million people killed, three million people internally displaced, hundreds of thousands of women raped, thousands of children killed... not enough victims to warrant actions by the Bush administration. Do these visuals appeal to your humanity?  http://www.congovision.com/congoholocaust1.html

You let the people of the Congo down. You let the people of Africa down. You let African-Americans down. You let the American people down. You let all the people of the world down.

Allowing a genocide of that magnitude for illegal exploitation of minerals is morally, ethically and spiritually wrong. 


Sylvestre Ngoma
Owner and Founder
Congo Vision

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