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The initial series of the Africanite Foundation Press Release were almost completed two months ago but the computer was seriously attacked and the file and many other data inside the computer were destroyed. If after this very moment government officials begin with its insidious reactions were no more strange matters to Asomwonriri. Since 1995 over 15,000 of Africanite Foundation emails document and addresses have been destroyed in this way. Even the the Back-up we used recently to protect the documents were not spared. Asomwonriri has contacted several times Microsoft and Internet providers all to no avail. To work for Africanite Foundation in the Internet is the most stressfull adventure as there are so many people out there who are constantly blocking our efforts. We recapped parts of the material on Africanite Foundation Press Release of August-but needed some restructure because it has already been infringed upon. However, our zeal remains fresh and our resolve to withstand all these obstacles is the strenght on which Africanite dedication is built upon in the interest of mankind. Subject: HAUSA/FULANI ABUSED ANTI-CORRUPTION WAR FOR POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC PURSUIT SINCE 19980`S IN NIGERIA

Since the past 37 years Hausa/Fulani political cabal ruled Nigeria with iron fist, marginalized and monoplized the Natural resources of the south under the banner of "One Nigeria". They have always resulted without restrain to use these four political instruments effectively against the south, (i) absolute political power, (ii) monumental corruptions, (iii) government propaganda, and (v) misuse of religious statements at public places. In the 80`s the north used anti-corruption crusade in a very callous manner and hunted the late Governor of Edo State Professor Ambrose Ali, because he bravely challenged and damned the Hausa/Fulani hegemonic rule in Nigeria. Ambrose Ali was imprisoned and his jail term was made worse by successive military regimes who came to power and brutally allowed him to waste away in prison for many years, while others were released and he was released shortly before he dead.


One of the saddest memory to recall among the various actrocities the Hausa/Fulani committed against the south in their drunkness for power in Nigeria remains the political persecution of the late Governor of Edo State Professor Ambrose Ali. It is the story, how the Hausa/Fulani used under disguise anti-graft law and hunted the late Professor Ambrose Ali and they imprisoned him and allowed him to waste away in prison for many years. Even when Ambrose Ali was seriously sick they refused to release him until he died in prison. It was Ambrose Ali legitimate right and as he stood up against the north and refused to accept Hausa/Fulani domination in the country. Indeed, the late Edo State Governor Ambrose Ali vehemently challenged Hausa/Fulani competent and legitimacy to arrogate to themselves political power in Nigeria. Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri knew Professor Ambrose Ali as a young junior staff when they both worked in different departments at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. When Asomwonriri came into the country few years later and heard that Ambrose Ali was the governor of Edo State, he was happy for him. But it is true, Ambrose Ali accused the north of not competent to rule Nigeria. Consequently, the north discovered from this time onward the effectiveness of anti-corruptions war to serve as deterrent to other southern governors who may attempt to oppose the Hausa/Fulani hegemonic rule in Nigeria. It is advisable, that the Hausa/Fulani contain their power usurpation, particularly the application of this power to monopolize Niger-Delta Natural resources as their birth right and these behaviors humiliate terribly the people of the south. Ambrose Ali struggle against marginalisation of the south by the north has since the 80`s even intensified and that the south are now classified as non-Nigerian origin in Nigeria. Moreover, it is also humiliating for southerners who formed the huge bulk of Nigerian immigrants who flee home since the last four decades, becuase of the Hausa/Fulani disastrous political and economic mis-rule in Nigeria; only to send their hard earned foreign exchange monies to relatives to be managed again by Hausa/Fulani local traders on foreign exchange. Because the successive military administrations encouraged the Hausa/Fulani and they took over this lucrative business against the will of the southern people. It is time Hausa/Fulani restrain in their shameless and reckless behaviors against the south. Ambrose Ali memory is not a good remembrance, particularly annoying is how the north continue to loot the Niger-Delta Natural resources for decades. The northern military dictators have used the oil revenue from the productions of sweet crude oil to transform the face of Abuja and other northern cities and towns. For example, General Ibrahim Babangida has done nothing in his whole life as to rule Nigeria as despote and he lives till today in exclusive luxury on the expense of the people of South-South and South East. It is lamentable, that since the days of the brave Ambrose Ali, criminals and mediocres have taken the stage in the name of politicians of all sorts over the destiny of the people of the south, whom Hausa/Fulani classified as non-Nigerian origin. Since the 80`s there has been no more southern states staunch politicians that stood firm and oppose Hausa/Fulani political domination in the country, as every one has become boot lickers even over their own property to the north. Recently, if any of the ex-governors has opposed vehemently that why was it that only northerner extractions were allowed to contest presidential election in the three major political parties that was viable to produce a president. Such a staunch ex-governor would have been singled out and sent to Abuja for corruption charges. Instead, ex-governor of River State, who joined the the presidential candidates on his own was pushed out of the race without resistance, because he was more concerned about protecting the wealth he has already emassed as a governor. All the southern states governors and politicians saw nothing wrong been marginalized against by Hausa/Fulani, after they have enriched themselves as governors and politicians. This is the type of unprogressive political system the north has established in Nigeria since the past 37 years. In fact, there was nothing so much insultive and debilitating for a group of people conscience as the three presidential candidates who were all Hausa/Fulani, during the sham general elections in 2007. For example, the AC's National Publicity Secretary, is a northerner. Moreover, all the national chairmen, secretaries and directors of the major political parties are from the north in a very diverse country like Nigeria. Surprisingly, South-South and South East governors joined the trail and contested for the three Hausa/Fulani presidential aspirants even in their own states and wore their traditional attires.


To use the word president for Olusegun Obasanjo is a stain to the office and responsibilities of a president and therefore the use of a General is preferably for a person like General Obasanjo, after all, Generals who became Head of State are unelected by the people.To understand the motives behind the establishment of EFCC, it is necessary to raise the dilemma of General Olusegun Obasanjo to the people of southern Nigeria whom the Hausa/Fulani regard as non-Nigerian origins. Whenever the Hausa/Fulani are confronted with the reality about their legitimacy to rule Nigeria, they quickly hand-picked General Obsanjo to succeed them at such moment. The Hausa/Fulani have used twice same maneuvre against the south by given the leadership of the country to General Obasanjo. It is known that General Olusegun Obasanjo is an insatiable person with extreme urge for political power, corruption, self-glorification, irrational and who upholds fervenlty the northern agenda, as the ends justified the means. If General Obasanjo has succeeded in his third term bid, undoubtedly his running mate would have been the illegal President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua's he (Obasanjo) imposed on the South-South and South East in the phantom of general elections in 2007.

Immediately, in 1999, when General Olusegun Obasanjo took office as civilian president there was a general consensus that the problem of corruption must be tackle by all means under the slogan: "Nigeria Starting Again". Even General Obasanjo vowed in his inaugural speech to clean up Nigerian politics. But Nigerians were deceived by General Obasanjo and all the insidious forces behind his power acquisition in Nigeria. General Obasanjo established the Economic and Financial Crimes Commision to tackle corruption in all its facets in Nigeria, but Africanite observers were sceptical about the aim of EFCC and knew that Obasanjo would never appoint a southerner to be the first chairman of the Commission. Indeed, a northerner N. Ribadu was appointed the first chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Before, EFCC was instituted there was various monumental corruptions cases against General Ibrahim Babangida who was known for his astronomic corruption and his infamous $6b loot called "debt buy-back", General Abdusalami Abubakar who looted billions of dollar before he ceded power to Obasanjo in 1999 and the late Sani Abache who incorporated fully all the despotic leadership styles of Ibrahim Babangida to his absolute regime that wallowed in endless corruption. It was very interesting the vigor General Obasanjo pursued Abache loot with media spectacle both in Nigeria and abroad, but contradicted sharply how he reacted to the report of the $6b debt buy-back fraud against Babangida. These dictators who ruled Nigeria illegally were all of northern extractions. So, it was obvious that General Olusegun Obasanjo will never appoint a southerner as chairman of the EFCC, which would have set up investigation team into the gigantic cover up of corruptions scandal that prevail among northern oligarchic. Instead the government engaged in intensification and aggressive reporting about EFCC that confused Nigerians whether EFCC was fighting corruptions or it was merely diverting attention from corruptions syndrome that engulfed Nigeria.


Asomwonriri watched curiously how the illegal president attended a birthday party in Benin City, immediately the illegal President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua's was appointed as president by General Obasanjo regime. The birthday party was organised by ex-governor of Edo State, Lucky Igbinedion who turned state treasury totally into a family property and it was known in the state that the Igbinedions looted Edo State of every naira and kobo for the eight years he was a governor and without spending a naira or kobo for Edo State. Moreover, perhaps the ex-governor must have taken foreign low scheme loans in the name of Edo State and foreign aid apparently received from foreign countries, because of Africanite Foundation in the state- were not enough for the greedy governor. Lucky Igbinedion formed special local council agency, to be collecting forcefully 20 naira everyday from every private transporters and even from poor commercial motor-bike riders were not spared from their the wicked exortion. One needs to see how these poor drivers and bike riders are be beaten up, if they cannot pay the 20 naira by Igbinedion transport task force collectors. All the money collected went to Igbinedion purse and propagated that he was using the money for Oredo Local government without anything physical prove. The people of Edo State were just waiting for the governor to leave office and vehemently bring charges against him. But the illegal President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua was unperturbed by the anger of Edo State people who were just waiting to see the governor prosected immediately he leaves office. In fact, it was an insult how the illegal president made his first unofficial visit to Benin City and beamed with smile even he did not even hide his northern ego with the expression all over his face that: "If you are loyal to the north you can swim under corruption, but if you dare oppose the Hausa/Fulani political domination in Nigeria, such a southern governor will be hunted under anti-corruption crusade called EFCC. This is the reality about what EFCC stands for in Nigeria. Moreover, the other greedy aim of EFCC for the north is whoever empty state treasury in the south must also share the loot with northern political cabal, because they will procure all relevant information to that effect and even more.


The report that: "A Federal high court sitting in Abuja yesterday declined an invitation by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu to stop the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) from arresting or compelling him to appear before the incumbent Chairman of the anti-graft agency, Mrs Waziri Farida for the purpose of shedding light on some alleged fundamental issues". Ribadu was the immediate past Chairman of EFCC until January this year when he was directed by the Inspector-General of Police to proceed to the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Kuru, Plateau State on a developmental course. If Ribadua had some alleged fundamental issues to answer in January why sending him then to proceed to the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Kuru, Plateau State on a developmental course. The Federal Government aim was to stalled the corruption charges against the ex-governors. But this cannot happen this time, as these thieves beginning from General Ibrahim Babangida, General Abdusalami Abubakar, General Olusegun Obasanjo and the ex-governors need to be probe for prosperity sake. That is no life Nigerians are living today as a result of these criminals and they wasted their prime time as a nation and the end of the game is at hand for Nigeria as a nation.

Nigerians are experiencing two parallel discussions going on about EFCC. One, it is about Nuhu Ribadua demotion and graduation and the other is about Waziri talking always about how she uncover fresh looting going on. All these talks about Nuhu Ribadu removal, demotion, going back to school, graduation, arrest and hidding are clown circus for a place like Nigeria. Otherwise, there is nowhere else in the world where a nation and its people who are sane and in such a critical situation will condone such fool jest on a serious issues at stake. Let us recall, that Nigerian were entertained for years by ex-vice president Abubakar Atiku story of corruption that dominated headlines from 2004 and ended in 2007, without charges and he still contested for the presidential election 2007. At the end, it all resulted to be simply political strategy for the sham general elections of 2007. Indeed, the Ribadua case is another farce that has paved the way for the north to officially claim the post of EFCC and stalled the trials of ex-governors which is reminscience of how Hausa/Fulani hegemonic rule has made Nigeria a laughing stock. If he (Ribadua) was replaced he should submit the whole official files and that is all. Of course, Ribadua and the illegal president are playing clown game with Nigeria. Remember, General Obasanjo said personally give him evidence to probe General Ibrahim Babangida. The statement was clear, he will not probe Babangida. Let the illegal president say the same thing and concentrate on another corruption cases and propaganda as prevalent in Nigeria for the past 37 years. It is certain that, if the illegal President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua came into power 2007 and all the ex-governors had another term to stay in office and the immediate past Chairman of EFCC M. N. Ribadua would have been sitting tight as Chairman of EFFC. All these problems with M. N. Ribadua is caused by the ex-governors inavoidable trial of corruption cases against them. The media and commentators in Nigeria ought to be gravely concerned about this dirty and childish behaviors that is always associated with immature Nigeria political activities. Ask the illegal president straight questions that: "Do you want to probe the ex-governors or not?"  Because the illegal president Yar Àdua is ingeniously avoiding been a part of the whole discussions about the prosecution of ex-governors for corruption charges, as compared to General Obasanjo who was tortured everytime about Sani Abache and Ibrahim Babangida corruption allegations cases. If the Hausa/Fulani do not probe all the ex-governors, General Olusegun Obasanjo, General Ibrahim Babangida and belief it Ambrose Ali ghost will haunt the Hausa/Fulani oligarchic that shall lead to a mass revolt against the Hausa/Fulani. Enough is Enough!

Again, these things can only happen in Nigeria where a region in the country plundered for decades another region Natural resources and at the sametime the looters are appointing themselves as chairman and chairlady of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The whole discussions in Nigeria is simply perverse and it is as consequence of the visible weakness by the south as an entity. As the anti-corruption Commission was set up it was not entrusted to probe corruption cases; rather it was aimed as political instrument for harrassment against political opponents and for distractions from real huge political problems in the country. Indeed, since EFCC was established it has intensified the act of corruption cases. Remember, the whole corruption charges against the former Vice-President Abubakar Atiku nothing came out of it. Even when the dubious allegations was so internationalised as compared to the charges against the former governor of Bayelsa State Alarmieyeigha, which case was taken up personally by General Obasanjo, before the phantom general elections took place in 2007, and in this way the EFCC positioned northern candidates ahead of elections. What is also alarming is the manner the north has also claimed for themselves the other important organ of state which is aimed to check against excesses of government. Let us not forget that for sometime now the Labour Congress President is also from the north. However, if any of the southern ex-governor had oppose the flagrant political situation in Nigeria such a governor would have been imprisoned by now under anti-graft law. The motives behind EFCC explains why the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), became M. Ribadu and why Ribadu was abruptly removed and replaced by another northerner as chairman of the Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs. Farida Waziri, Farida Waziri.

EFCC uncovers fresh looting: Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs Farida Waziri, yesterday said Nigerians holding public offices are using the global financial meltdown as a pretext to buy properties abroad with public funds. The truth about the whole story is that the objective of the EFCC has beccome a football match, whereby everyone intentionally plays the ball here and there without attempting to score a goal. It was also reported that Waziri stated before members of the House of Representatives Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes, said "following the financial crisis, prices of property especially in the United States and other countries and other mortgage economies crashed, adding that the development has now availed the looters opportunity to acquire more property". The statement is intentionally distorted, because was she talking about the ex-governors who looted state funds and hoarded them abroad. Further, she was quoted saying that: "those countries involved were unwilling to cooperate with the Commission", saying they could not determine which of the properties were acquired with looted funds. Are the ex-governors not alife there in Nigeria? This was not late General Sani Abache who slashed billions of dollar abroad and later proved difficult to retrieve according to General Obasanjo series of international comments. And to complicate the course of prosecution she said that: "the committee was set to re-introduce the Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill to the House of Representatives. She said if it became law, the piece of legislation would make it easier for the commission to seize assets of convicts wherever they may be sited with much more ease. Earlier in his remarks, another Hausa/Fulani, chairman of the committee Hon Rabe Nasir, said the interactive session was to familiarize with management of the EFCC in furtherance of a better working relationship in the renewed zeal to boot out corruption in the Country. The resume is very simple, the whole media interactive session was about familiarization and to boot out corruption and to inform the House of Representatives Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes about how EFCC uncovers fresh looting at this time of Financial Meltdown. For Mrs Farida Waziri to be travelling up and down under EFCC is a disgrace for the South-South and South East and particularly it gives her the opportunity as an Hausa/Fulani to have more information about the socalled southern politicians shadow businesses abroad and how if there are still sometime to garner overseas that may argued against the interest of the south.


The first set of Niger-Delta oil theft was General Ibrahim Babangida and he is still not probe for the billions of dollar he stole from the Niger-Delta productions of sweet oil wealth when he was self appointed Head of State and president. Indeed, Ibrahim Babangida flaboyant style of living is in everyone mouth in Nigeria, even after he left office in 1993. In fact, Ibrahim Babangida leaves like a business tycoon of all tycoons in Nigeria and the only person who can compete with him is General Obasanjo. To be precise, General Babangida was accused of $6b loot and his foreign Allies Connection of purported debt buy-back scheme that was never investigated. Under his military administration Abuja was hurriedly completed and transfered Nigeria capital from Lagos to Abuja. Abuja project alone must earned General Ibrahim Babangida billions of dollar. Prior to the formation of EFCC, there were reports also that Abdulsalami Abubakar stole billions of dollar shortly before he ceded power to General Obasanjo civilian government. The international media carried the stories about how General Obasanjo sought foreign governments assistance to locate General Sani Abache billions of dollar slashed in foreign banks and the whereabouts of the recovered loots need to be proprely accounted for etc. With the stalled ex-governors corruption trials the Hausa/Fulani have unveilled their intention about EFCC and its chairmanship held by northerners as their legitimate right in Nigeria. All the ex-governors must be probe and Obasanjo contracts deals need to be probe. 

All these corruptions charges must to be probe by EFCC and these childish talks about Ribadu removal and replacement are irrelevant and the outstanding corruptions charges remain and must be probe one after the other publicly. A lesson must be learn from all these evils by the political cabals who ruled Nigeria since the last 37 years. When Nigeria story is done, it is important to know whether those hundreds of billions of dollar from Niger-Delta crude oil are lost forever as consequences of the Financial Meltdown. This demand is imperative on the illegal president Yar`Radua and the outcome of such investigations must be made public, because millions of Nigerians have suffered for nothing all these years. Moreover, the outcome of such investigations shall determine the critical future confronting Nigeria.    


1.)Africanite stress with all seriousness, that the names submitted by the illegal President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua's to the National House of Assembly in Abuja, which included Alhaji Rilwan Lukman should be dileted out because the south does not want him as Nigeria oil minister and the south have nothing against it if the illegal president himself includes the portfolio of Petroleum minister to his presidency, after all, General Olusegun Obasanjo held the post himself. The Hausa/Fulani are insensitive to the feelings of the south because the people of the south have objected against this move many times but it seems that the north are determined for reasons best known to them to have Lukman as Nigeria permanent oil minister, perhaps, it may be motiviated now by religious causes. The north needs to understand that Alhaji R. Lukman was appointed several times by military dictators and but very few others were all also appointed in between and their names are already forgotten but the north keeps push him on to the frontline and for the last time it is unacceptable. These behaviors need to stop as there are other terrible examples how the north are marginalizing the south. It must said, that the Africanite and Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri has suffered brutal religious persecution by European governments and particularly from Austrian government for decades and Austrian authorities attempted to force Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri since 1995 to abandon his Africanite religion. Instead Asomwonriri positioned Africanite Foundation as he undertook official courtesy calls to Foreign Mission offices and Organisations representatives and under this capacity he met also with Dr. Rilwan Lukman as OPEC Secretary General in 1996.And he stated clearly to him at that time that "Africanite foremost tenet is against injustice" and showed him his feelings about how Hausa/Fulani are marginalizing against the south in his OPEC office in Vienna.

It was reported, that Lukman appeared first, before the Senate and stood for more than two hours drew questions from Senators on his longevity in government service and his services as a two-time Minister of Petroleum, Presidential Adviser on Petroleum among others were there for anyone to see. Particularly, he stated his contributions to the development of the nation and the implications of the global economic crisis on the country. Perhaps, as there were no credible person among the Senators, no one could  ask him concrete about his contribution to the development of the nation and to give specific examples of the development around the country, he was talking about. Of course, there are nice buildings, roads, facilities in Abuja and those northerners whose longevity in the government like him have earned them mansions, chains of long cars, billions of dollars for their good livings all these years that they do not want to leave political arena by presenting themselves as indispensable. The Senate did not ask him why does he thinks he is indispensable at this time in question? But what Dr. Rilwan Lukman did not mention was his terms as Secreatry General of OPEC and so on.

It is an affront against the South-South and South East that the Hausa/Fulani continued to put forward the name of R. Lukman as oil mininster, after he used Niger-delta oil to secure an image for the Hausa/Fulani abroad.  R. Lukman has served in the OPEC on behalf of Nigeria for long and helped himself very much with Niger-Delta oil wealth and whereas the people of the south are condemn to abject poverty and the northern elites are living extremely well on the south Natural resources. It is strange that Hausa/Fulani elites eat their cake and still want to have it back. It is not possible this time for the Hausa/Fulani to appoint Alahji R. Lukman as Nigeria`s permanent oil minister! That is their aim nothing more.

2.)It is sad and disappointing that the UNO appointed a person like General Olusegun Obasanjo, who is supposed to be serving life term in prison in Nigeria as UN Special Envoy to Congo. Well, one thing is clear that there has never been good intention on the side of the International community to stop the endless sufferings of the Congoless people. Let us all, fervently hope there will be someday a glimmer of hope and relief when a credible person is appointed to truly head such a negoitation to stop these malaise of another African country.  

3.)With the exist of General Olusegun Obasanjo regime in Nigeria, it was expected that Chief Gani Fawehinmi and Professor Wole Soyinka would have equally leave Nigeria political and media arena, instead of these two gentlemen to continue to torment the conscience of some of the journalists who interact with them. There are many among the journalist who would had long preferably tell these two gentlemen to stop all these anti-progress behaviors in the interest of the south nay Nigeria and that it is also time for them particularly to respect the Yoruba people. Even Chief Gani Fawehinmi cannot resist the temptation and he is always fond of given political statements from his overseas trips. It is expected that they critically look around the country called Nigeria as to see the debris of the last eight years which was intensified due to the chaos and standstill of the country called Nigeria since the past 37 years. Well, the illegal president Yar `Adua would preferrably make less use of such actors of distractions by filling all key posts with Hausa/Fulani as to ascertain vigorous supports from his kinsmen.

It is time to ask Chief Gani Fawehinmi this question: "Are you happy about the state of Nigeria today?" What do you think should be the optic to assess your role in Nigeria today? Truly, Asomwonriri has this to say to Chief Chief Gani Fawehinmi as a friend because he thought of meeting him during one of his trip home; to retreat from the political scene in Nigeria with all these frequent statements that have always fell short of a true direction about issues that are really at stake. All his utterances has always not help situation in Nigeria, particularly during General Obasanjo`regime. The case of Ribadu has nothing to do with arrrest, demotion and school, rather Gani Fawehinmi should know that it is not Ribadu that is the case but the corrupt ex-governors and it is as simple as it sounds. If Ribadua has refused to submit the file he used to investigate the corruption charges against the ex-governors and he should asked tender them publicly concerning the anti-graft probe against the ex-governors. Then that will be the issues to take on him and the government. Everyone seem to be running about chasing Ribadu which in reality is Hausa/Fulani strategy to trivialize and confuse the trials. Again, all these things about school, demotion and arrest are nonence. Moreover, Nigeria media needs also to be upright in their optics about Ribadu for wasting their rather expensive ink and paper to write about Ribdau and not F.Waziri.  In fact, the issue of anti-graft that is supposed to be aim at the ex-governors and it is now aimed at Ribadua. Neither the governmment is ready to investigate the excessive corruption charges against the ex-governors, for example, the obvious corruption charges against Chief Igbinedion nor let the public know the government intentions. It is sad. When the late General Sani Abache ruled Nigeria with iron fist the Nigeria media were objective in their reports but since General Olusegun Obasanjo took civilian uniform the media relapsed into irrelevance and sporadic reports this attitude is paying great dividends now to the Hausa/Fulani hegemonic rule in Nigeria. This is the dilemma of Nigeria that whenever Obasanjo is called to act on behalf of the north he(Obasanjo) secured the stage more solidified for the north.

4.)Interpol probes Nigerian banks: At this critical period of Financial Meltddown, there is still Interpol out there probing Nigerian banks, that Nigerian banks may have come under a fresh global scrutiny, following revelations by the London Metropolitan Police and the Interpol that the banks provide conduit pipes for much of the money laundering activities in the country. When many countries are seriously looking for money to bail out their banks and factories and the other is talking about money laundering. It was not surprising that at the time, the two agencies disclosed this was during a recent meeting with Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs. Farida Waziri, in her recent trip to England. Further, the report said that: "Already the shocking revelation has claimed its first victim, as the director in charge of National Finance Intelligence Unit (NFIU) in the EFCC, Hashina Okaro, has been sent on indefinite suspension for alleged culpability in the whole case". She was not quizzed for investigation rather she was sent on indefinite suspension. Nigeria media needs to be a bit serious because they are suffering equally all these backward political charade in Nigeria. Second, what is happening here is that the Hausa/Fulani maybe preparing for the Day -day in Nigeria! Moreover, story coming from overseas about money laundering  from Nigeria Banks must not be trusted because foreign institutions oftentimes connive with Nigerian criminals to ruin the country. Instead of receiving information about money hoarded abroad but they are entertained with other diversionary story about how Nigerian banks continued to transfer billions of naira out of the country but not in foreign currency! 

5.)EFCC evidence against Ibori inadmissible-LONDON COURT 
This statement is very embarrassing and the Nigeria media need to be a bit critical in reporting such stories becuase it is like self negation and indeed  for putting such story into print by now and why they are equally suffering the menace of all these political uncertainty confronting Nigeria. What is the  matter here? Is the ex-governor of Delta State under investigation for corruption charges abroad? Or is he under corruption charges by foreign government and this is not clear. However, if a citizen of one country is been charge for criminal offences and there are relevant documents somewhere else the government should acquire those documents and while the criminal trial takes place on its soil. It is absurd how Nigeria media often go about with these stories involving Nigerian criminal politicians and foreign government with vast interest in the whole matter. What has emerged here is an attempt to distort real criminal trials by prolonging issues untill it is not an issue again. It is also important to know, why Hausa/Fulani want to head the EFCC, it is for strategical reasons, particularly to control the financial misappropriations for economic reasons as well as for political causes.
6.)Nigerian conflict a warning for ‘big oil' violence in  oil-rich parts of Nigeria may provide a sobering lesson for oil companies hoping to work in Iraq – a place that is much more dangerous despite the fact that attacks are at their lowest level in more than four years. About 4,000 miles from Baghdad, oil companies are doing damage control in Nigeria – arguably the most dangerous place in the world where firms like Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Exxon Mobil Corp. currently operate.Three years of attacks in the country's Niger-Delta have cut oil production from 2.5 million barrels per day to around 1.5 million – demoting Nigeria to Africa's second largest oil producer behind Angola. It is ironic, to read such statements because Nigeria cannot compare itself with Iraq in any manner whatsoever. Niger-Delta first problem is the Hausa/Fulani who are monopolizing the Natural resources that belongs to another region which gives the oil firms advantages over the the indigenes of the area. Second, the north is only concern about how many million barrels of oil can be exploited from Niger-Delta productions of sweet oil. Third, as soon as the Iraqis settle down to decide their own destiny they will use their oil resources to develop their economy and people. The report that: "Yar AduaRepresentatives of 35 international oil companies will meet with Iraqi government officials in London on Monday to discuss the bidding process for eight enormous oil and gas fields", appears as if they are talking about Katsina/Nigeria oil producing area. This is the type of reports the media should avoid because it is insultive to the people of the region who derives no benefits from their resources. Even Angola does not have the kind of trauma the people of the Niger-Delta are going through for decades. What has come to surface here in this statement is the open humiliation of the people of Niger-Delta. Moreover, the illegal president Yar Adua is the first Hausa/Fulani introducing vividly religious vexation into the Niger-Delta struggle for their Natural resources in this manner. 7.)Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Professor Chukwuma Soludo was at the weekend elected Chairman of the Committee of Governors of Central Banks of ECOWAS member states.Nigerians need to watch carefully the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Professor Chukwuma Soludo, because any officer who served under General Obasanjo- particularly as Central Bank Governor may lack probiety as General Obasanjo himself. Of course, most Nigerians are fascinated with the idea to work under a corrupt politician. Second, CBN Governor knows too much about Nigeria accounts both in Nigeria and overseas, especially the Excess Crude Account and of which figure they present sometimes in naira. Without gainsaying Excess Crude Account is a big concern for the north which determines the reality about One Nigeria. Chukwuma Soludo series of overseas appointments must be view with suspiciousness, particularly his appointment by World bank, maybe he is on his gradual exit from Nigeria! Was it not CBN Governor who opted to convert naira totally into dollar in 2007? Before such idea was made public there must have been intensified discussions on the matter.

It is time for everyone to respect, The Natural Order worldwide!

Sincerely yours,




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