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Let the Healing Begin: Seven Secrets of a Healthy Marriage

By Pastor Patrick Mubobo

New Book Release by Doxa Consulting International-Greensboro North Carolina, USA

Let the Healing Begin: Seven Secrets of a Healthy Marriage

Marriage is the most sacred and most important institution that has ever existed since the beginning of human history, as well as the most powerful. In fact marriage is so special and so treasured in God's eyes that the Bible describes God's own relationship to the church in terms of marriage! Numbers run into the hundreds of millions of good people who have either made shipwreck of their marriage, or are currently stuck in an unfulfilling marriage. Let The Healing Begin: Seven Secrets of a Healthy Marriage can be your breakthrough. To those who are already married, this publication will serve as a mirror to expose and reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your marriage that need to be adjusted. To those readers who have not yet embarked upon the voyage of matrimony, this book will serve as a guide. For those who were married and experienced the painful crisis of divorce, may this book serve as a promise of hope that perhaps will awaken in you that distant desire to love and trust again.

A day of dedication is scheduled for this November 23, 2013 in Greensboro, USA.


Change the Nations Church
4619 Mercury Drive
Greensboro, NC 27410 - USA
Phone: 336-772-5284 001

Time: From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Publisher: Doxa Consulting International

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With marriages in so much trouble today, a down-to-earth, practical manual such as this one is sorely needed. Rev. Patrick Mubobo has done an excellent job and a great favor to his readers by distilling the concepts underlying marriage into specific, easily understood principles that couples can use to transform their marriages. Using the Bible as his marriage manual, Rev. Mubobo identifies the major obstacles that stand in the way of healthy relationships and then offers sound Biblical solutions.

Author : Rev. Patrick Mubobo

Rev. Patrick Mubobo is the senior Pastor and Co-Founder of Change the Nations Church in Greensboro, N.C. and the Assistant Bishop of the Evangelical Methodist Church for Canada, Africa, and Europe. He is the founder of the Good Samaritans House Inc, Good Information Center, Doxa Consulting International and “Someone Call 911 Compassion Ministry”. He is happily married to his wife , Feza Mubobo , and they have a son, Basileia and a daughter, Dorea . Mrs. Feza Mubobo supports her husband's ministry by working closely with the Women's Ministry of the church, mentoring young adults, and challenging teenagers to keep themselves holy for the Lord.

Rev. Mubobo holds an Associate Degree in Computer Science from Midas College (Malaysia), a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from John Wesley College (High Point, NC), and has a Master of Christian Leadership from Laurel University (High Point, NC). He is both a radio and a Television Host of several shows such as, “Real Problems and Real Biblical Solutions”. Let the Healing Begin: Seven Secrets of a Healthy Marriage is his first book.

Words from those who have already read this book

God's people perish for lack of knowledge. With this book, Rev. Mubobo endeavors to solve the knowledge problem in the vital area of marriage, and he has done a superb job. But knowledge, of course, by itself is not enough. Ultimately, what matters is not what we know we should do but what we do with what we know. Here is a book that will show us what to do and encourage you to do it. My prayer is that multitudes will read it to acquire that knowledge, and then wholeheartedly apply it to their lives in order to reap success. Great marriages are possible. Let the Healing Begin will show you how.

Bishop Dr. Darlingston Johnson (Senior Pastor, Bethel World Outreach Church)

“I can say that in a world with thousands of books on marriage, this one is simple, straightforward, clear and direct. The seven principles the author outlines are true, safe, and faithful to the Biblical record, and couples that follow them will be stronger and more God-honoring.”

Max Edwards (Evangelical Methodist Church District Bishop)

Of all the topics an author could choose to address as a contribution to the kingdom of believers, marriage is easily one of the most pivotal and vital to broach, teach, and advise on. Each church congregation is only as strong as its families, and each family is only as strong as the marriage that holds the couple together. As the author takes us back to the foundational concepts of God concerning marriage, every couple can take these as a wakeup call to return to the basics of a divine marriage clearly laid out in the seed plot book of the Bible—Genesis 2. You will be blessed beyond measure as you read. You will be provoked and challenged and, God willing moved to determine that you too can have a great and healthy marriage.

Dr. Patricia Bailey Jones (Founder, Master's Touch Ministries Global)

Pastor Patrick offers practical suggestions for individuals and couples from the pre-engagement stage through to a lasting marital relationship. He reminds us that God is the center of any good marriage and the two become “one” to the degree that both are walking close with God. The farther apart they are individually from God, the further apart they are from being truly “one flesh.”

Edward W. Williamson (International General Superintendent/Bishop)

When you meet Pastor Patrick Mubobo, it doesn't take long to realize he's being used of God. Patrick has a passion for the church to be all that God intended it to be, and the same with marriage. In this helpful book on marriage, Patrick uses many illustrations from his African heritage but constantly seeks to base his teachings upon Scripture.

Larry McCullough (President, Laurel University, High Point, North Carolina)

Que La Guerison Commence

Avec tant de problèmes aujourd'hui dans les mariages, un manuel simple et pratique comme celui-ci fait cruellement défaut. Le Pasteur Patrick Mubobo a fait un excellent travail et une grande faveur à ses lecteurs en distillant les concepts qui sous-entendent le mariage dans les principes spécifiques, faciles à comprendre que les couples peuvent utiliser pour transformer leur mariage. En utilisant la Bible comme son manuel de référence, le révérend Mubobo identifie les principaux obstacles qui se dressent sur la voie de relations saines et propose des solutions bibliques adéquates. Il traite des sujets importants comme le dessein divin sur le mariage et les rôles que Dieu, dans son grand plan, attend de voir jouer par maris et femmes. Beaucoup de lecteurs seront choqués d'apprendre que le but du mariage n'est pas, d'abord et avant tout, de se faire plaisir ou de répondre à des besoins affectifs et physiques personnels. Et beaucoup d'hommes vont être bouleversés de découvrir que le véritable but de leur autorité est de servir et non de dominer.

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23 novembre 2013

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