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Exemple concret de l'Implication de la Diaspora dans la reconstruction

Dans son discours a la nation americaine, pour montrer la grandeur des USA et du role qu'il joue dans le monde; le president Georges Bush a cite l'accomplissement de notre cher compatriote le basketeur Mutombo Dikembe en disant ceci:

'Dikembe Mutombo grew up in Africa, amid great poverty and disease. He came to Georgetown University on a scholarship to study medicine - but Coach John Thompson got a look at Dikembe and had a different idea. Dikembe became a star in the NBA, and a citizen of the United States. But he never forgot the land of his birth - or the duty to share his blessings with others. He has built a brand new hospital in his hometown. A friend has said of this good-hearted man: "Mutombo believes that God has given him this opportunity to do great things." And we are proud to call this son of the Congo our fellow American.''

Comme nous le savons tous, les USA is the land of opportunities. We Congolese have to work hard to realize that American dream and like our brother Mutombo have the good heart to bring this dream back to congo.

Of course we can't all build hospitals in the congo but we can all do little thingsto help in the reconstruction of the D.R.Congo. Dr Martin Luther king once said:''if we can be an ocean for your people be the river.''

We all send money to the D.R.Congo, helping in that way our brothers and sisters to survive in such impoverished land . Nobody doubts the positive impact those transfers have in our home country economy. But we can do better by bringing a sustainable contribution. Directing those funds into investment capable to create hope and opportunities in our economy is a good example of sustainable contribution. Starting business to fight unemployment and improve the life of our brothers and sisters will bring better durable result .

Congo is entering a new phase in its history, we Congole of diaspora have the responsibility to help by not only exporting good ideas that can work in the country, but also export equipment and materials that are most needed in the birth of our industry.

This can only happen if we Congolese become conscious of our role, understand our mission and work together to reach that goal. Instead of wasting our time jalousing and gossiping. Those evil activities divide us. We have to start to reflect positive energy that will bring us together and help us go forward.

Willy Lukanga
Easy Cargo Owner

Congo Vision

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